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The Importance of a Good Hosting Service


A good hosting service should provide excellent customer care and technical assistance. It should also have stable uptime and be simple to set up. A web host is renting space on a server that contains your website files. Good website hosting gives your brand the flexibility to offer quality service to your online customers.  

When searching for a house to purchase, you probably won’t pick the first one you meet on the first street. Instead, you’d do a deeper search, including contacting various real estate agents, foraging through available property listings, and looking for one that fits your budget. Web hosting services work the same way. 

some web hosting services are better than others. While some are best for eCommerce hosting, others are excellent for startups, and others offer quick, responsive website changes. A good hosting service should offer flexibility, speed, enough space, security, as well as good backup plans.

This article will focus on the basics of web hosting, the features of a quality host, and, most importantly, why quality web hosting is something you don’t want to miss.



What Is Web Hosting?

When you design a website, you create various files. You’ll then store these files on the internet, where you can access them. 

You pay a web provider to keep these files for you in cabinets called servers. Consequently, you pay a monthly fee to the company as storage costs. 

Hosting companies own a collection of servers that are called data centers. Additional elements include network equipment, power backups, air conditioning, security equipment, etc.

Your web host also provides additional hardware and software updates, server troubleshooting and maintenance, and ensures that the webserver is always available.


How Is Web Hosting Categorized?

Web hosting services fall into the following groups:

  • Shared hosting. Shared hosting groups several websites under the same server. It is well suited for sites with under 30,000 visitors each month. It fits small bloggers, small businesses, and starting websites. It has a price range of $1 to $6 per month.
  • VPS hosting: VPS comes with better caps on bandwidth and storage. It has more scalability and customizations than shared hosting and allows you to run any type of software. Price ranges: $10 to $60 per month. It’s best suited for media-heavy websites and medium-sized business websites.
  • Dedicated hosting: Works best for mature, high-traffic websites. It gives the flexibility to upscale server capacity. It comes at a monthly price range of $70 to $130.
  • Managed hosting: This is a hybrid type of web hosting in which a managed service provider (MSP) gives a hosting plan and infrastructure support.  The managed service can be on-premise, cloud-based, shared, or come as a VPS. Price range: $15 to $60 per month. Suitable for beginners, entrepreneurs, and small business owners.
  • Cloud hosting: It’s a pay-as-you-use hosting alternative best suited for businesses and websites with fluctuating traffic loads. It’s armed with scalabilities and add-on computing services such as RAM, CPU, security, and storage. Prices depend on usage. It’s best suited for enterprise websites, high-growth websites, and eCommerce stores.
  • Colocation. This option allows large enterprises to collocate personal servers at a fee. Fees cover IP addresses, bandwidth, cooling, and server maintenance. 



Why Should You Care About Your Website’s Performance?

Web performance determines how fast a site loads when accessed via a web browser. It also measures how well the website responds during user interaction. 

Website performance is the most important thing that search engines like Google consider when ranking a website. According to, 50% of users who visit your site expect it to load in under 3 seconds.

A slow site quickly experiences user abandonment. Slower sites also experience a sluggish crawl rate by search engines, giving them a lower search page index. Kissmetrics statistics have confirmed that people don’t like interacting with slow websites.

A fast website increases user-friendliness. It boosts traffic to your website organically and increases chances of high ranking.  


What Components Determine a Good Website?

The characteristics of a good website vary according to your set of customers and the type of company you own. Some common characteristics of a good performing website are listed in the table below:



What Are the Potential Benefits of Using a Reliable Hosting Service?

Hundreds of hosting companies run their services on the internet today. They also come armed with many hosting types, including shared, VPS, and dedicated services. 

To get the most of a web host’s services, consider the potential benefits below:

Bandwidth and Storage Space

Bandwidth is the number of page views, alongside the amount of traffic a website can handle per month.

While most hosting companies offer unlimited bandwidth, such services could throttle down and expose you to a site outage. 

When on shared hosting, please note that unlimited may not always be so. On shared hosting, you’re safe with 30,000 monthly visitors or less. To handle bigger traffic, consider upgrading your hosting plan.

Storage space refers to the physical amount of space you need for your files. Hosting companies vary in the space limits they offer users. Choose a service that matches your current and projected file needs.

High Uptime and Reliability

Server uptime refers to how often your site is online. You need to find out a host’s uptime policy before committing.

Most hosts offer a 99.9% uptime rule. This leaves room for eventualities and necessary server maintenance. Some hosts even refund in cases where outage exceeds their guaranteed uptime. 

Competent Customer Support

Good hosting comes with excellent customer support. Their specialists are kind and willing to help beginners with backend changes and expert help.

They’re generally available in several channels, including social media, email, telephone, and live chat. In emergencies, they act fast to cover up a security lapse or a stubborn issue.

Lastly, a reliable hosting service has a resource library and knowledge base to answer common questions and issues.

Tools for Domain Management and Scaling

An excellent hosting service gives room for growth. For example, you can add more domains as you go or subdomains to your existing domains. 

Always select a hosting package that has provision for multiple domains. 

The service also comes with tools like CPanel to help you manage websites and domains easily, or Softaculous that packages several popular software like Moodle, WordPress, and OS Ticket.

If you outgrow your shared hosting plan, a good hosting service should allow you to grow seamlessly. This includes moving to a different hosting plan or migrating to another host.

File Backup and Restore

Quality web hosting services offer automated and regular backups. This covers you in the event your website is hacked. You’ll then have backup data to turn to and restore your site. 

Clear Pricing

Select a hosting service that comes with transparent pricing terms to know when prices will go up. These prices should also match your budget and plans.

You Deserve a Hosting Service That Scales With Your Business Needs

Quality web hosting is a necessary ingredient for self-hosted websites. Before you engage a web hosting provider, ensure your choice matches the plans they offer. 

You need essential room for growth. Excellent hosting service provides all the plans and tools that align with your digital vision. 

Bright hosting understands your need for a fast and reliable hosting solution. 

 Schedule a meeting with us, where we’ll share what plans we have and hopefully offer a custom solution that fits your business needs. Bright Hosting offers plans that are customized for both WooCommerce and WordPress users.

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