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Should I Get a Dedicated IP Address?


One of the biggest trends in businesses today is creating websites to boost digital marketing. However, most companies face the dilemma of hosting their websites in-house or hiring a web hosting company. Most web hosting firms offer users a set of features and packages depending on their needs. Before settling on a decision, you need to weigh the pros and cons of an IP address with the host servers and a dedicated IP address.

 Choosing a dedicated IP address over a shared IP address has several advantages. However, the decision lies with your needs, budget, and if it's worth the extra coin. Below are a few pointers to help you decide whether to get a dedicated or shared IP address.

What is a Dedicated IP Address?

 A dedicated IP address is an internet protocol address customized to your website and hosting account. This protocol is preferred mostly since it:

  • Provides access to your website even without a DNS setup
  • Increases your speed even with a high traffic load
  • Offers robust security features

In simple terms, a dedicated IP is a unique identification number assigned to your website. It contrasts with shared IPs used by multiple users and hosted on a website provider's domain.

 Shared IPs are often an option for startups and small businesses with a low IT budget. However, upgrading to a dedicated IP, a unique address that other websites can't use is advisable as the company expands.

dedicated ip address

Pros and Cons of a Dedicated IP-Address


Improves Website Standing

 A dedicated IP helps increase your website's standings, especially when sending messages to users. The best part is that it provides screening features that sort emails from public email suppliers and even sort out spam emails. This way, you can balance your toxicity score and improve your standings.

Offers Additional Security

 A dedicated IP gives you access to the SSL declarations that upgrade the security of your users. This feature makes securing user information vital when dealing with individual data from a web-based business platform easy. Aside from elevating your business, it also comes in handy when dealing with installments on the web. 

Grants Access to the Website at Any Time

 A committed IP address provides direct access to your domain at any time without changing the DNS setting on your domain. Changing the DNS settings takes your suite offline for approximately 48 hours before you can access any service. This feature makes it easy to check the site's performance, correct issues, and boost site speeds.

Some Third-Party Applications Require It

Certain apps and scripts from third-party sources require a dedicated IP to run on your website. This is usually not the case when using a shared hosting platform. Removing third-party scripts and apps from your domain frees space and allows multiple sites to be hosted on the same IP address.

Provides an Option for Multiple Domains

 A dedicated IP allows you to create a network of potential businesses within one domain. Most hosting platforms that offer dedicated IPs provide users with a series of dedicated IPs that will enable you to host 5-15 websites under your direct control. Each website leverages your work's reputation to minimize the risk of a negative influence on your network.

Provides a Layer of Protection Against IP Banning

A spam website or any website within a shared IP address damages the address's reputation, causing it to be banned and negatively impacting your domain. In other words, your websites may be blocked alongside other sites within the shared address. However, upgrading to a dedicated IP absolves you of such risks.

dedicated ip address


It Forces You to Look at Your Volume History

Most internet service providers tend to inhibit IP addresses with no volume history. Most providers require website owners to meet a specific reputation standard before they can start using a dedicated IP. This means you have to build your reputation over time before investing in a dedicated IP.

It's More Expensive

 A dedicated IP is often an upgrade, especially after building a reputation. It's relatively more expensive compared to a shared IP address. However, users can find affordable options from various service providers. Users may also need to part with an extra coin to see upgrades to features such as monitoring and whitelisting, scalable options, and traffic generation. 

It Does Not Work Well in Low-Volume Situations

To maintain its credibility and reputation, your dedicated IP must send at least 200,000 emails monthly after setup. Sending less makes it difficult to keep enough history for the internet service provider to consider you a reputable content source. Investing in a committed IP address is not advisable if your website is still in its infancy.

It Forces You to Manage Your Volume Spikes

 A spike in email volume within your dedicated IP can raise the alarm and negatively impact your domain's reputation. You must monitor your email volume periodically and keep updated on all happenings. Remember that sending several emails using a new dedicated IP can bring issues with your email service provider, which negates the point of investing in a dedicated IP.

dedicated ip address

Factors to Consider When Buying a Dedicated IP-Address

 Investing in a shared IP address may seem like an affordable option but may cost more in the future. Once you have grown your reputation, upgrading to a dedicated IP is best. However, here are a few things you need to consider:

Server Performance

 The chosen server should guarantee excellent performance. You should look at its customer reviews and ratings before deciding. It's also crucial to evaluate your performance needs and compare them against the server performance to make an informed decision. 

 You will also need to make a few hardware choices, including server cores and CPUs. Your service provider should be able to provide the fastest CPU speeds for your domain.

Hosting Price

 The hosting price should also help influence your decision, especially if you are working on a budget. However, you don't have to compromise on quality over price. With enough research, you can find an ISP offering a high server performance within your price range. It's also essential to weigh the benefits over the expense because a dedicated IP directly influences the income generated through your domain.

 It's worth noting that investing in a dedicated IP doesn't dent your finances but helps increase them. When searching for a server provider, don't base your decision solely on how low or high the price is; find one that meets your needs.

Technical Support

 The tech industry is constantly evolving, meaning new problems arise every day. However, when backed by a team of experienced professionals, you can rest easy knowing professionals are handling it. Be sure to evaluate the team's accessibility through emails or phone calls. You should also check if they offer round-the-clock support or if their services limit to a given timeframe. 


 A dedicated website IP address is a significant investment that directly impacts your revenue with the website. This means it needs careful consideration before making a final decision. We at Bright Hosting understand the need for fast and reliable hosting solutions. You can contact us and schedule an appointment to learn more about what packages work best for you.

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