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Web or WordPress Hosting: Which Is Right for You?


Building a site may be more accessible than ever, but new site owners still experience many options. Among the most critical decisions you must make straight away is determining which of the top web hosting services is suitable for your website. In your web host investigation, you'll come across various terminology and categories—it'll be challenging to navigate. A thing you'll want to know early on is how web hosting and WordPress hosting compare, so we've pitted the two options against each other to assist you in deciding which is ideal for you.

What's Web Hosting?

A web host is a must-have service for each website. Every website is, at its core, a compilation of files. The files may reside on your PC or in the program you're using to create your website during the design process. When you're ready to post them on the web, you must save the files on a real server that can provide them to each visitor to your site. Web host providers operate and manage actual servers for this reason, and most site owners rent out space on those platforms to host their sites.

What's WordPress Hosting?

WordPress hosting is a subcategory of website hosting services geared at websites developed with WordPress. WordPress web hosts contain services and features that assure the website hosting will function with any WordPress site.

The specifics of a WordPress web host will vary based on the one you choose. Still, they will typically make it simple to configure WordPress with your hosting service, provide security features specialized for WordPress vulnerabilities, and ensure your site has all the latest WordPress updates.

Web Hosting Vs. WordPress Hosting: What's The Difference?

The primary distinction between a web host and a WordPress host is that website hosting is a much larger, all-encompassing service. In contrast, a WordPress host refers to a specialty targeted to WordPress installations.

Website hosting is a broader term that relates to any web service that keeps a site's data on a server to make the website available on the Internet. A hosting provider will serve a diverse range of website builders, and the sites hosted on their servers can run on hundreds of different platforms.

On the other hand, a WordPress host is a subset of website hosting. WordPress hosting may also employ shared servers for hosting several websites simultaneously; however, unlike website hosting, every site on the shared server is a WordPress website. A WordPress host specializes in WordPress installations and provides specialized solutions, support, and services tailored for WordPress performance.

wordpress hosting or web hosting

Pros of Web Hosting

Most web hosts give plans that accommodate a variety of site developers and CMSs, not only WordPress. Alongside built-in developer resources to aid with integration, customers frequently have the option of selecting their preferred platform.

The particular benefits of generic website hosting depend on the type of website hosting plan you select, as the degree of tools, resources, and flexibility available varies substantially.

Regarding technical benefits, acquiring standard website hosting often entails the hosting firm providing the actual equipment and doing hardware maintenance. With their knowledge, this implies a more efficient site and more security safeguards.

There are several basic advantages to consider as well. To begin, many hosting firms provide various options to accommodate any budget. Most hosting companies offer site owners round-the-clock client support and accessibility to a hosting knowledge database.

Furthermore, many web hosting firms include additional services in their website hosting plans. They may, for example, offer a free domain, an SSL certificate, and a corporate email account.

Cons of Web Hosting

Consider the following drawbacks of utilizing standard website hosting services.

Reduced Specialized Support

When technical support is required, web hosts will supply it, but they may not always have specialists on hand to tackle the particular difficulties of your selected CMS.

Reduced WordPress-Related Maintenance

WordPress site owners must update plugins and themes while using standard website hosting. You may also be required to upgrade the WordPress core and undertake maintenance chores such as virus checks without the aid of a technical expert.

Lack of Optimized Servers

Websites are hosted on conventional servers that are compatible with various site builders and CMSs. This implies there are no built-in WordPress efficiency plugins or WordPress-optimized servers.

Pros of WordPress Hosting

If you're considering launching a WordPress website, there are several advantages to using a WordPress host rather than regular website hosting.


Every server component is modified to accommodate the WordPress configuration, resulting in fast loading speeds. This hosting frequently reduces page loading and response rate by more than a second.

Secure Servers

WordPress hosting contains security methods that address vulnerabilities unique to WordPress. You can rely on the professionals behind Bright Hosting to remain on top and handle any WordPress security concerns as they emerge. In the unusual event that you are hacked, you will have access to a support team that is familiar with WordPress-specific threats and their solutions.

Up-to-Date Software and Servers

The crew in charge of the hosting will make sure that the server is constantly running the most up-to-date software, allowing your site to work as effectively as possible. Their objective is to make sure you are satisfied and your website is running smoothly at all times.

Enhanced Uptime

Your website will be more accessible to visitors due to the seamless interaction with the server's content management system. You'll also have automated updates that ensure your website is running on the current version of WordPress.

Dedicated Expert Support

WordPress professionals work on the support teams that operate managed WordPress host accounts. That degree of specific expertise comes in handy whenever you have an issue. Experts provide skilled assistance, troubleshooting, and hosting trouble solutions when needed.

wordpress hosting v website hosting

Cons of WordPress Hosting

A WordPress host is a highly specialized hosting option; thus, it is not suitable for everybody.

WordPress hosting is often more expensive than other hosting solutions, mainly shared hosting. That makes it more challenging to market to certain small companies or personal website owners than a standard shared hosting service.

Furthermore, there are constraints on how much customization you can make throughout your website. Some WordPress hosts restrict the plugins you frequently use for security reasons. If your website requires plugins on a host's restricted list to function, you may have to locate another hosting provider or look for an alternative plugin.

And, as you may have guessed, WordPress web hosting is only available if you already have a WordPress website. WordPress hosting is not an option if you use another CMS or site builder to develop your website.

Who Needs WordPress Hosting?

If you designed your website with WordPress, you'd get a lot from WordPress web hosting. WordPress website hosting works seamlessly with WordPress-powered websites, improving security functionality, and providing automated upgrades. You don't have to utilize WordPress website hosting if you own a WordPress site, but combining the two gives you the perfect package.

WordPress website hosting would also benefit those seeking a managed host service. WordPress website hosting frequently provides managed services in which your site is handled and maintained by WordPress specialists. It makes an excellent choice for those who don't have a lot of time or expertise in operating a website.

There is no definite answer for a WordPress host vs. a web host. Whichever solution you select will ultimately depend on the hosting package you require, your budget, and how much assistance you want from the hosting provider while running your site.

The main distinction between a WordPress host and a web host is their services; so, if you're searching for a more generic service, web hosting may be for you. On the other hand, a WordPress host is a wonderful option if you seek a personalized solution designed for efficiency on WordPress. Bright Hosting recognizes the need for quick and dependable hosting solutions. You can meet with us now to discover more about which plan is right for you!

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